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Posted: May 30, 2023
By: Editorial Team

It’s essential to power the technology that keeps us moving, whether retrofitting or building new classrooms, office spaces, healthcare facilities, or anything in between. But getting that power source exactly where it needs to be in an open, interior area—where outlets are usually only around the perimeter—can be a challenge.


So how can power get to open areas while also ensuring safety, design integrity, and structural soundness?


Legrand Connectrac® Express Kits are a convenient, grab-and-go raceway solution that seamlessly manages the routing of power & data cables. These express kits contain everything needed for installation—including 25’ pre-wired power infeed, power and data device, top cover, bottom track, and all required transition accessories


  • Holds multiple Cat 6 data cables with customizable keystone modules
  • Easy to cut & install in the field
  • Maintains the aesthetic & structural integrity of the building
  • ADA-compliant with low-profile transition ramps


Two Flexible Options

Under-Carpet Express Kit

The under-carpet cable management solution seamlessly conceals cables and works best under carpet tile. The under-carpet express kit is 6′ in length, and 3′ extensions are available to reach the desired length. It is not recommended to exceed 15′, as the conduit is 25′.

View the under-carpet express kit specification guide.

Legrand Connectrac over-carpet express kit in use. Raceway along the floor leads to a connection point under a conference table, which feeds power and data to receptacles embedded in the table.

On-Floor Express Kits

The on-floor cable management solution is a visible raceway that can be installed on top of any flooring surface. The on-floor express kit is available in 6′, 9′, and 12′ lengths.

View the on-floor express kit specification guide.

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