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At Loeb, we’re here to make your projects easy with industry-proven Project Managers who are dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

Our proprietary project management software manages each step of the project with defined milestones tied to clear project key performance indicators (KPIs), visibility into your inventory, digital reporting, and so much more.

Proactive throughout the entire process, we’re in the office and on site to drive a consistent result for your project.

We work hard to make your life easier.

  • Proprietary, Best-in-Class Project Management Platform
  • Project Management Services include:
    Customized Project Schedule
    Digital Milestone Tracking
    Custom KPI Reporting
    Detailed & Customized Audits
    Job Quality & Performance Review
  • Just-In-Time Inventory Delivery
  • Scalability to Manage a Single Location or 1,500+ Locations
  • Dedicated Electrical Distribution and Lighting Specialists

Meeting KPIs, exceeding expectations.

We’re not just in front of a computer tracking your inventory. We’re on your job site to walk you through the process, advise of next steps, and prevent potential bottlenecks in the workflow.

Track & report what matters to you

  • Objectives, escalation points, program expectations, and timelines are all determined before your project launches to keep everyone focused and on track.

Technology that streamlines ordering & invoicing

  • As an independent electrical distributor, we don’t have to jump through corporate red tape to invest in technology; there is no hesitation in getting you the software your project needs to succeed.
  • The technologies we’ve invested in provide you greater visibility and simplification throughout the project process.

Real-time accessibility

  • Our enterprise software ties everything into one database, automating updates and drastically reducing errors. You can access your project and inventory at any time through an app on your phone.

Proactive inventory management

  • Understand what material you have, where it’s located, and get it delivered to you with our Just-In-Time Delivery solution.

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