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We know that reducing unproductive labor, as well as scrap costs, are critical to your bottom line. With our wire and strut services, our team can cut, harness, parallel, coil, and are certified to install pulling heads.
Get your crew to work immediately and efficiently.

  • Cable cut to exact length (reduce scrap)
  • Multiple reel options
  • Maintain a clean, safe jobsite: multiple reels combined into one compartment reel
  • Pulling head installation: reduce pulling time & tools on site
  • Maximize labor efficiency with simultaneous pulls
  • Eliminate disposal costs with reel returns
  • Store & stage products for large projects
  • Competitive industry & market rates
  • iTOOLco™ distributor: quality, time-saving tools to get your job done right, on time and on budget.

Commercial Wire Services

We understand the need to have wire ready, when and how you need it. Through our partnerships with wire manufacturers, as well as our investment in an expansive wire room, we’re here to ensure your success.

  • Custom wire cutting & phase taping
  • Stacked runs
  • Pulling head installation
  • Customized packaging & reel options, delivering greater efficiency on your jobsites, including:
    Single conductor reel
    Harness reel
    Compartmental (parallel) reel
    Parallel with harnesses
Wire and Strut Services for Electrical Contractors

Commerical Strut Services

Cutting strut on your jobsite can lead to safety hazards for your team, as well as risk of an incorrect cut that can slow down your project. The Loeb team has you covered for all your material and customization needs.

  • Stocked material that’s ready when you are:
    Strut channel
  • Non-stock & special-order materials
  • Customized cuts
  • Bundling, packaging, & kitting
  • Burr removal

We’ve got you covered for your commercial wire & cable management needs.

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