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5 Benefits of Kitting Electrical Supplies

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Posted: February 26, 2024
By: Editorial Team

The kitting of electrical supplies typically refers to the process of assembling and packaging a set, or “kit,” of electrical components (cables, connectors, switches, outlets, etc.) that are needed for a specific project.

This practice is commonly used in various industries, including construction and maintenance, where specific sets of materials are repeatedly used. Working with a trusted electrical distributor to set this up, kitting will streamline your project workflow, from procurement to installation.

Whether you are an electrical contractor or a project manager working on a multisite, nationwide project, here are five benefits to securing kitting services on your next project.

1. Customization

Kitting allows for the customization of material packages based on customer specifications or project requirements. The kits can include products from different manufacturers and in quantities that meet specific needs.

This customization ensures you receive exactly what is needed for that portion of the project, without any unnecessary or extraneous components.

Kitting process step 1: Determine material. At this stage, both the customer and the distributor discuss material needs.

2. Save Time

By having all the required components conveniently packaged together, kitting services ensure more time is spent on installation rather than searching for or waiting on individual parts.

Contractors also save time on the jobsite, as many components within a kit can be pre-assembled for faster installation.

A streamlined kitting service is a key capability of a great distributor as it saves time and effort for customers who would otherwise need to source individual items from different suppliers.

Kitting process step 2: Kit material. At this stage, the distributor collects all the needed materials into packages, or kits. The kits are then prepared to ship to the customer's jobsite.

3. Reduce Errors

With material pre-assembled into customized kits, the possibility of errors in the onsite product selection or installation process is significantly reduced. It also reduces the likelihood of material returns or installation rework being required.

Additionally, kitting reduces the risk of misplacing crucial components (which can easily happen when you have multiple shipments), which ensures projects proceed without unnecessary delays.

Kitting process step 3: Installation. The customer's contractor receives the kitted material from the distributor and can install right away.

4. Lower Expenses

Another key benefit of kitting electrical supplies is the ability to order and manage inventory in bulk. Distributors negotiate better bulk pricing and pass those savings on to you, which can be significant for large or recurring orders.

Also, by bundling multiple electrical supply components into a single kit, the number of separate orders that need to be processed and shipped is reduced. Grouping like this leads to reduced shipping costs and a lighter carbon footprint.

5. Streamline Inventory Management

Kitting project materials helps to streamline the inventory management process by consolidating multiple components into a single kit (example: 10 SKUs to 1 SKU). This reduces the complexity of tracking individual items and minimizes the risk of stockouts or overstock situations.

Customers who have unique shipping requirements, usually because of complex projects, benefit the most from a distributor’s kitting capabilities and consolidated shipping services. Consolidated shipping refers to the practice of combining multiple smaller shipments from different suppliers into a single, larger shipment. Whether that consolidated shipment is custom kits or simply one pallet of material that is now ready to go to the jobsite, a trusted electrical distributor streamlines the inventory management process.

Material Supplier for Large Electrical Projects

Overall, kitting services from electrical distributors offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for streamlining procurement, improving efficiency, and optimizing inventory management for businesses and contractors. These advantages contribute to a more efficient and effective supply chain for both distributors and their customers.

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