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Posted: April 25, 2023
By: Editorial Team

Trying to guess what a new lighting fixture will look like in your space can be overwhelming. What if the fixture is too large or the color doesn’t match the room’s aesthetic? Take the guesswork out of selecting new lighting fixtures with the Light ARchitect app from Cooper Lighting. This easy-to-use visual aid quickly explains a look or concept, helping facilitate quicker decisions.

With the Light ARchitect app, you can:

  • Move fixtures around in a space (up, down, rotate, etc.)
  • Adjust the fixture’s finish, lumen output, mounting height, color temperature, & more
  • Virtually turn lights on to get the full effect
  • See the photometric point-by-point footcandle levels
  • Share screenshots easily with colleagues

Download the “Light ARchitect” app for free on Apple iOS, Android, and your web browser to see it in action.

Multiple Products to Choose From

The Light ARchitect app is constantly adding products for you to visualize in your space.




Decorative pendants

Acoustic lighting luminaires

Outdoor lighting

Germicidal UV fixtures

Used Across a Variety of Industries

Regardless of space, setting, or environment, you’ll be able to visualize the lighting fixtures you choose, right where you want them.

Icon of a hospital, symbolizing Healthcare
Ignite your inner passion for healthcare lighting by visualizing the light in patient rooms, exam rooms, and operating rooms.
Icon of an office building, representing Office
Did you get a new lighting fixture to improve employee productivity and boost morale? Let the people see it.
Icon of a shop front, representing Retail
Showcase that new merchandise with the lighting of your choice. See what works best for you.
Icon of a stadium, representing Sports and Entertainment
Sports & entertainment
Properly-designed sports lighting can enhance the playing experience for both players and spectators.
Icon of a road and streetlight, representing Utility and DOT
Instant photometric results for outdoor site lighting. Layouts completed in minutes.
Icon of a schoolhouse, representing Education
Immediately show off lighting innovations to principals and teachers in the classroom, hallway, library, or cafeteria.

Trusted Lighting & Project Management Experts

Lighting remains one of the most critical areas of design, a medium with the potential to inspire, empower, and sell. Loeb’s lighting solutions and project management experts are here to help you get the job done through:

  • Reduce energy & maintenance costs
  • Update facility aesthetics
  • Improve safety for your customers & employees
  • Lighting layouts & photometric analysis
  • ROI calculations
  • Capture utility rebates & incentive opportunities

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