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Commercial Lighting Inspired by Nature: Enhance Well-Being and Boost Performance

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Posted: December 1, 2022
By: Kerry McMahon

Lighting is critical to saving energy and ensuring the look and feel of a space meets your design goals.

But did you know how important lighting and lighting design are to your well-being?

The exposure to the right amounts of light during the day, as well as the colors and dynamics from nature, strongly impact our mood, energy levels, comfort, quality of sleep and our health and well-being in general.



On average, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, where we often don’t get the right amount and quality of light to feel energized and healthy.


Bring natural light indoors with Signify’s NatureConnect, which uses advanced content and intuitive control, along with an array of LED luminaires, to do just that. The NatureConnect solution is based on thorough research on the impact of nature on people. Using optimized principles and algorithms from nature, it creates rich and meaningful artificial lighting scenes for a wide range of indoor spaces and activities.

Natural Lighting Options


Day Rhythm

The Day Rhythm mode provides dynamic lighting that follows the rhythm of the sun. It runs automatically to ensure the right light at the right time of the day.


Light Scenes

The natural Light Scenes apply natural colors and dynamics for a fully immersive experience and can be tailored to your specific activities and needs.

Three images showing the natural light mimicry NatureConnect offers. Left: A boardroom with bright lighting and a complementary blue wall wash, captioned 'Energize: Get an instant energy boost.' Center shows softer lighting with a pinkish-purple wall wash, captioned 'Relax: Relax and clear your mind.' Right shows dimmer lighting with a purple wall wash, captioned 'Present: Focus your attention.'

Benefits of Indoor Natural Light


Enhance Well-Being

Natural lighting sources enhance our well-being by supporting the body’s natural day-to-night rhythm to stay active during the day and rest at night.


Boost Performance

Natural lighting sources make people feel more energetic and stimulates interaction and collaboration, ultimately boosting performance!



With NatureConnect, you can enhance your company’s identity by creating vibrant, joyful, and immersive spaces.

Three icons summarizing the benefits of NatureConnect lighting. Left: An abstract person with a heart icon, captioned 'Enhance wellbeing.' Center: Three abstract people behind a computer monitor showing a chart with upward growth, captioned 'Boost performance.' Right: A building with a sunburst near the bottom, captioned 'Create inspiring environment.'

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