Four Loeb Electric Employees Earn Certified Sales Designation

Columbus, OH - Four sales representatives of the Loeb Electric, Co. have earned the Certified Electrical Professional-Inside Sales™ (CEP-IS™) credential. Kyle Livingston, Dave Murdock, Rob Lowe and Shane Critelli join a growing group of sales professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge and practice of high professional standards in the electrical distribution industry.

CEP Certified

CEP CertifiedCEP is a certification program for distributors, manufacturers and others in the electrical distribution channel. CEP certification identifies that the holder has demonstrated expertise and professionalism in areas such as product knowledge, customer service, sales skills, and communication skills, giving them added credibility in the electrical industry.

“These certifications represent another step in our goal of developing the highest level of trained and experienced professionals in our industry,” said Geno Bringardner, Loeb Electric’s Sales Operations Manager. We’re proud that these 4 employees have devoted the time and effort to expand their skills to an expert level. That effort helps them become more valuable to our customers and more valuable to the company.”

Currently tests are offered for both inside and outside sales professionals. To take the CEP exam, applicants must meet certain educational and work experience requirements just to qualify. The training and the test itself provide a rigorous measurement of an individual's skills to meet high industry standards.

“With these certifications, I’m proud to say our entire Inside Sales department is now certified.” Bringardner added. We already started the process of getting our Counter Salespeople certified as well. In fact, Greg Short, who works at our Headquarters store in Columbus, received his certification along with the other 4.”

CEP Certification, LLC (CEP Certification) is a limited liability corporation established by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) to develop and administer certification and recertification processes for those individuals who have met professional knowledge standards. The mission of CEP Certification is to enhance the performance of individuals working in the electrical distribution industry by setting standards for the performance of industry job roles and assessing individuals against these standards.

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