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Optimized T-Grid Ceiling Installations

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Posted: February 27, 2023
By: Emily Fasnacht

Any time there is a drop ceiling installation, there are a handful of challenges that are presented, specifically around safety, installation time, and cost.

The nVent CADDY 512SA T-grid box hanger is designed to answer these challenges.


Any time a ceiling grid installation is performed with arms raised above a worker’s head, additional time and risk are added to a project. When you look at OSHA’s list of the most frequently cited violations, four of the 10 involve injuries related to overhead work.

The amount of time spent performing strenuous overhead work can be easily reduced with the new 512SA T-grid box hanger. Without the need for hardware and tools, installation time—and even more so, time on a ladder—is reduced, lowering electrical contractors’ chances of getting hurt.

For added flexibility, the 512SA can be adjusted with the push of a button—an important safety feature for overhead installation projects.

Installation Time

As an out-of-the-box, easy-to-install option, the new 512SA T-grid box hanger features pinch tabs to easily snap in and slide to adjust and accommodate multiple electrical box depths and acoustic ceiling tile reveal options. The simple tool-free installation takes seconds—simply slide the bar to alter spacing and use the push-button feature to adjust for height. The 512SA T-grid box hanger’s adaptability eliminates the need for extra tools and hardware, reducing time spent on installation.

Reduce installation time by using CADDY’s 512SA T-grid box hanger for projects involving drop ceilings.


No screws or clips = less installation time = lower costs.

Depending on the electrical contractor, it can take up to an hour and a half to install 20 traditional heavy-duty T-grid box hangers. The 512SA T-grid box hanger takes a third of the time with an installation time of about 30 minutes. Let’s do the math:

    • 20 x 1.5 hours=30 hours of labor
    • 20 x .5 hours=10 hours of labor

The CADDY 512SA T-grid box hanger saves you 20 hours of labor—that’s more time to get more projects done!

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