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Loeb Electric is committed to bringing you insight from some of the most trusted brands in the world—from new disinfectant lighting technology to cost- and energy-saving products. Explore webinars available below and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on new additions to our library.

Featured Webinars

Disinfectant lighting solutions

In addition to the written summary of lighting and electrical disinfectant products, the manufacturing product experts have been brought to the table. They will explain their specific technology and product offerings to help you better understand your options. Register for each session below.


365DisInFx™ Technology: UV-A & UV-C for Occupied Spaces (30 min)



SpectraClean: Non-UV Light Disinfection (405nm) (30 min)


Violet Defense™: Powerful UV Disinfectant Lighting (UV-A, B, C) (36 min)


Complete Germicidal UV Lighting Solutions (UV-C) (1 hr)

On-Demand Webinars

Supplier & title


Lutron Vive Wireless Control Solution (30 min)

Commercial Lighting Controls

Panduit MP100 & MP300 Printers (30 min)


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