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Disinfectant lighting technology has advanced significantly over the last few years, resulting in many options and complex technologies to navigate. Loeb Electric is here to help you select the products that are right for your facility and the people in it.

Although antimicrobial products were initially focused on medical environments, technological advancements and price points have now made it possible to implement them across a wide variety of facilities.

  • Healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories)
  • Education (schools, daycare centers, dormitories)
  • Sports & Recreation (gyms, locker rooms, training facilities)
  • Food Manufacturing & Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Public Transportation

On the following pages, review specific technologies and products from world-class manufacturers that will meet your facility’s needs.

Antimicrobial Lighting

UV to non-UV, mobile to stationary options—we've got a solution.

Antimicrobial Switches & Plates

Antimicrobial-treated devices provide an extra layer of protection.

Medical- & Industrial-Grade Equipment

Providing power when and where you need it.

As a global community, we can all do our part to ensure our surroundings are safe. Loeb is here to assist you in preventing the spread of disease.

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